Orient Metal – Aluminum Foldable & Industrial Ladder – Type A

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Brand Name:      Orient Metal

Article Name:      Step Ladder
Article Type:        A -Type Ladder

Metal Type:          Aluminum Alloy

Support Weight: Upto 150 kg

Color:                       Dull Grey

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A’’ frame ladder is designated like a letter ‘’A’’. On both sides of A ladder steps are given which give self-support to it. It consists of two sets of rungs at the top which join both sides and make it a self-supporting ladder. You can easily carry it with you and make your different work easy in your home, offices, schools and many other outdoor works etc. 


The main features of this ladder are following:

  • Strength to stay stable while using 
  • Best availability and usage procedure
  • Zero maintenance
  • It can hold upto 150kg
  • Foldable ladder 
  • Less space to keep 








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