Who we are…

Orient Metals was established in the mid 1980’s. It’s founder Mr. Syed Fayyaz Ali had identified that the aluminum industry was dominated by large companies and it was very difficult to find place to step in, but somehow Mr. Fayyaz and his endless efforts towards building something good yet affordable came to the conclusion and aluminum industry start praising his dedication.

 He always believe that our customer first attitude that flows through all levels and departments will always help us secure our place at the forefront of a current demanding market as we always continue to work with customers, new and old and challenge the traditional ‘rules of extrusion’.

Aluminum Shapes always pride ourselves on supplying exactly what our customers demand, within the extrusion process, and can’t find readily anywhere else.

How we work

Our premium managed stocking capability is designed to ensure just-in-time across Pakistan delivery via different logistics and transport fleet.

We do operate on minimum runs, meaning our design; prototype and production expertise is available to all regardless of order size.

We pride ourselves on supplying exactly what our customers want within what the process can deliver.

Our specialized ladders are one of its kind as they are strong beautifully crafted with affordable prices, we do have an expertise to design with maximum sizes.

Our extensive machining capability and in house know how ensure semi-finished products very competitively priced.

Our large range of finishing options ensure we always take ownership of your extrusion project, end-to-end.