Orient Metal 10 Inch Aluminum Sliding Window Stopper Adjustable Stopper

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Brand Name:   Orient Metal

Article Name:  Aluminium Sliding Window Stopper

Metal Type:      Aluminum Alloy

Size:                 ‘’10’’ inches

Color:               Dull White/Brown/Champagne

Finishing:        Powder Coated

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Color Dull White Champagne Brown
Size 10″
Finishing Powder Coated


Aluminium Sliding Window Stopper:

  • STRICTLY CONTROLLED AND FLAWLESS STOPPER: Tailored to high-standard windows and doors, strictly controlled quality enables a long usage life and flawless performance.
  • ELEGANCE LOOK: To make your life more comfortable providing you with an elegant sliding stopper with fancy rounded latto, adjust it with your favourable choice.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Providing you tips how to mount it in window and door,
  1. Only require 4* screws to mount it.
  2. Mount sliding part of stopper on door or window frame and movable rod with window or door.
  • FIXING: Open your door/window with your own choice and fix it with the help of rounded latto.
  • VARIATION OF COLORS: you can choose colors such as Dull White/Brown/Champagne with Anodized (Metal Plating).
  • SIZE: Providing you constant ‘’10’’ size in inches.
  • USE: Mostly they are used in high traffic areas like restaurants, school, offices, stores etc.



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Brown, Champagne, Dull White




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